Skills Summary

Software:Unity , Unreal Engine 4 , Photoshop, Maya , Version Control(SVN)
Programing Languages : C++ , C# , Java , html/css



duration of project (July 2014- December 2014)
Genre: action platformer
four person team: Designer , Producer, Lead Artist , Technical Director

completed tasks

Work Experience

Programmer 2015-2016 Dragons Eye Entertainment
Role: Implementing Interactable npcs with a randomly generated quest line while incorporating existing Inventory database.


The Art Institutes of California - Orange County 2011- 2015
BS in Visual Game and Programming


Favorite Games: Star Fox 64, Mega Man Battle Network 3, Mega Man Zero 2, Team Fortress 2, Golden Sun, Jak and Daxter 3, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Rune Factory 4, and Lunar Knights